The following is a brief list of remediation and assessment projects where CCI personnel played a key management role in successful property cleanup and redevelopment:

California Speedway Remediation, Fontana, California - Provided site clean up project management, DTSC negotiations and soils and groundwater remediation for Kaiser Ventures in their effort to convert a portion of the former steel mill property to a viable asset in a joint venture with Penske Motors.

Risk/Reward Evaluation of Manufacturing Plant, St Paul, MN - Conducted an evaluation of environmental liabilities (asbestos, lead dust/paint, soil & groundwater contamination, underground storage tanks, above ground storage tanks) and future use/valuation analysis on a 100 year old, 460,000 square foot manufacturing plant in the process of being shut down. The purpose of the evaluation was to provide the corporate client with various options (scenarios) that defined future liabilities and mitigative costs associated with the sale of the property relative to its best future use. The evaluation included meetings with real estate brokerage firms, state agencies, demolition and lead/asbestos contractors, as well as, subsurface investigatory efforts. The evaluation was conducted in 120 days resulting in seven (7) viable options for corporate review. Subsequently CCI was engaged to perform specific investigatory and mitigative tasks associated with the selection option.

Investigation & Remediation of Manufacturing Plant, St Paul, MN
Subsequent to the Risk/Reward Evaluation completion, CCI directed the remediation of lead dust and asbestos concerns throughout the 500,000 square foot facility.  In addition, through the MPCA Voluntary Cleanup Program, CCI investigated and remediated petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, and lead in subsurface soils and groundwater over a two-year time frame.  The Site received a Comprehensive NFR from the MPCA.

Investigation & NFR of former Paint Manufacturer, L.A. CA
CCI was retained to investigate a subsurface soil/groundwater issue discovered as a result of a Phase I related to the sale of the property.  Escrow was closed with a monetary set aside with proceeds used to investigate and negotiate a NFA with the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board within a 12 month time frame.  Contaminants were petroleum based with low concentrations of chlorinated solvents in the groundwater.

Phase I, II & Remediation of former Salvage Yard, Memphis, TN - Performed phase I, II and remediation of former salvage yard on 3 acres for a developer of a proposed hotel site. CCI identified initial potential liabilities (found former gasoline station in addition to salvage yard issues) during phase I and II investigations resulting in a successful property transaction with an agreed upon site clean up fund set aside in escrow. During site development the grading contractor encountered unregistered underground storage tanks (USTs) (potential issue identified in Phase I) that were present as part of the former gasoline station taken out of commission in the early 1960s. CCI mobilized on site and removed the USTs, along with 3,000 cubic yards of gasoline impacted soils that were staged in a 2-3 foot lift near the back of the site. CCI performed soil aeration under the Tennessee Department of Environmental Conservation (TDEC) permit while the hotel construction continued uninterrupted; resulting in TDEC issuing a No Further Action letter for the soil remediated by aeration and clean excavation results.

Phase I, II & Remediation of Closed Manufacturing Facility, Chicago, IL - CCI provided Corporate client with a fixed fee investigation and cleanup of a 600,000 square foot manufacturing facility located on 13 acres. In order to assist in facilitating the sale of the property CCI provided Corporate not only the fixed fee, but guaranteed that a Comprehensive No Further Action status could be achieved from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency within 3 years. These guarantees helped to close the real estate transaction. During the subsequent 18 months CCI abandoned and removed 16 USTs and performed three (3) rounds of subsurface soil and groundwater investigations under the IEPA Voluntary Remediation Program (VRP). Using intuitional controls and data obtained from investigations, CCI was able to obtain on behalf of the client the Comprehensive NFA within 2 years.

Phase I and II Investigation, Clean Up & NFR, Mansfield, Texas -  Provided phase I and II services for this manufacturing firm, along with a complex UST soil removal effort resulting in a No Further Action decision from the Texas governing agency without additional phases of costly remediation efforts.

Phase I and II Investigation, & NFA, Stockton, California  -  Provided phase I and II services for this manufacturing firm and submitted request for NFR to California Regional Water Quality Control Board on four occasions resulting in minor additional investigation and monitoring without the requirement for costly soil and groundwater remediation efforts.  No Further Action granted on fourth request.

Phase I and II Investigation, Clean Up and NFR, Savage, Minnesota  -  Provided phase I and II services for this manufacturing firm, along with the installation of a dual phase vapor extraction system designed to remediate chlorinated solvents from both the subsurface soils and groundwater.  System operated for 18 months using existing plant personnel and local groundwater sampling personnel, thus keeping costs to a minimum.  The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency granted a No Further Action decision based on achievement of best technology efforts and future use of property as industrial use.

Phase I and II Investigation, Clean Up and NFR, Toppenish, Washington  -  Provided phase I and II services for this manufacturing firm, along with the installation of a in-situ bioremediation system used to remediate subsurface heavy hydrocarbons.  Remediation efforts were kept to one phase and the Washington governing agency issued a No Further Action decision.

Property Assessment and Remediation, Huntington Beach, California - Conducted Phase II and Supplemental Phase II and managed the remediation of mercury and hydrocarbon-contaminated property, including all permitting and agency liaison for residential development. The site was formerly an oil and gas production facility. Remediation included on-site soil treatment to segregate contaminated soil from clean soil. The project, which involved over 40,000 cubic yards of soil, was expedited and completed in four months, allowing the responsible party to avoid significant penalties to the land developer.

Phase I and II Investigation, Hillsboro, Oregon  -  Conducted phase I and II services in an effort to assist this manufacturing firm in shutting down the plant and selling the facility.  No agency involvement was required and the property was successfully sold.

Phase I and II Investigation, Clean Up and NFR, Nampa, Idaho  -  Conducted phase I and II services in an effort to assist this manufacturing firm in shutting down the plant and selling the facility.  Buried 55 gallon drums of lead were discovered on the site using a combination of metal detection equipment and backhoe excavation and disposed of off-site.  Since soil or groundwater were not impacted, no agency involvement was required.  The property was successfully sold.

Phase I Due Diligence, Telluride Ski & Golf Resort, Telluride, Colorado  -  Conducted phase I due diligence on behalf of the buyer and discovered property issues outside the ASTM Phase I scope of work which provided the client with valuable data used in negotiation of the final purchase price.  Entire project covered approximately 5,000 acres and was completed in less than 3 weeks.

Phase I and II Investigation, Agency Negotiations and NFR, Riverbank, California  -  This manufacturing facility had undergone some clean up efforts in the past for chlorinated solvents but was never officially closed out.  The California Regional Water Quality Control Board raised up the "sleeping dog" and requested further investigation and remedial efforts.  Rather than comply with this request and spend needless money, the old wells were located, sampled and tested and a report provided to the Board with data convincing enough for the Board to issue a No Further Action decision.

Soil Remediation of Heavy Metals & Cyanide. Hawthorne. California - Conducted assessment and remediation of both subsurface soils and interior walls of a former metal plating facility. Excavation and on-site treatment of soils impacted with lead, chromium, cadmium, copper, nickel and cyanide, along with sandblasting of interior walls were the alternative remedial action methods used.  A No Further Action decision was granted by the California lead agency.

Soil & Groundwater Remediation of Gasoline & Solvents, Northridge, California - Replaced existing "pump and treat" technology with vapor extraction using a thermal oxidation unit. Performed additional off and on-site assessment of chlorinated solvents and was successful in demonstrating to the California Regional Water Quality Control Board that the chlorinated solvents had an off-site source. Although drinking water standards were not met, the agency granted a No Further Action decision.

Facilitation of Church Construction & Soil/groundwater Remediation, Long Beach California - Represented on-going Church staff and past responsible party in an effort to' remove 16,000 cubic yards of heavy oil impacted soils and keep on-going construction from coming to a standstill. In 1991 gained the first variance from the California Regional Water Quality Control Board to transport contaminated soil off-site to a non-TSDF site for treatment. Soils were treated offsite using bioremediation and on-site groundwater was remediated using vapor extraction technology.  This effort saved the Client millions of dollars and reduced the overall costs associated with the clean up to less than $700k. Additionally, relatively high concentrations of methane were handled by installing a passive venting system.  The Agency granted a No Further Action decision.

Environmental Due Diligence/Audits on over 30 Manufacturing Sites, National - Provided all environmental due diligence including phase I, phase II, audits and remediation when necessary on over 40 acquisitions for a National Can Manufacturing Firm within the past 15 years. These efforts required environmental expertise, real estate expertise involving purchase and leasebacks, establishment of environmental "baselines" and negotiations with various local, state and federal agencies. All projects were "fast-track".

United States Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton, California - Designed and managed VOC and hydrocarbon-affected site investigations for two waste handling facilities.

Texas - Directed all exploration and production field operations and environmental affairs for an independent oil and gas exploration and production corporation with additional work in research, mapping, seismic interpretation, and well-site log evaluation, concentrating in the Cretaceous Taylor, Poth, and Olmos Sands.

Santa Fe Springs, California - Developed and managed a subsurface investigation and remedial action program for a 9-acre oil and gas lease.

Newport Beach, California - Developed a guidance document for conducting an environmental assessment of a 500-acre oil and gas field and developed a comprehensive cost estimate for the remediation of this oil field.

Santa Fe Springs, California - Developed and managed a PCB and crude oil-affected soil investigation for a major oil E& P company.

Multiple California Sites - Assisted legal counsel in the multi-million dollar acquisition of seven newspaper and magazine printing and distribution facilities. Environmental risks were evaluated as part of the acquisition.

Coachella Valley and Concord, California - Designed and implemented subsurface reconnaissance-level BTEX-affected soil and groundwater investigations.

Concord, California - Developed and managed a 1,2-DCA and BTEX affected groundwater investigation and remediation system design.

San Gabriel Valley Superfund Site, California - Designed and supervised a CERCLA/RWQCB chlorinated solvent soil and groundwater site characterization for a trailer manufacturing plant.

San Gabriel Valley Superfund Site, California - Coordinated and supervised an environmental site history and a CERCLA/RWQCB chlorinated solvent soil and groundwater site characterization for a large glass jar manufacturing plant.

Huntington Beach, California - Provided litigation support which included technical peer review of a proposed steam-injection remediation system for diesel fuel contamination in soil and groundwater.

Irvine, California - Developed and managed a gasoline contaminant soil and groundwater site characterization and soil bioremediation project for a wastewater treatment facility.

Coachella Valley, California - Designed and supervised a PCB and DDT soil Investigation.

Welton and Roll, Arizona - Implemented and supervised soil and groundwater site characterizations which included conducting pumping tests and groundwater modeling for a pipeline company transferring petroleum fuels.

Oahu, Hawaii - Developed the following for a refinery: RCRA Part B application, a groundwater monitoring waiver certification and RCRA closure plans for hazardous waste management units.

Oahu, Hawaii - Developed and managed a quarterly groundwater monitoring system within a karst aquifer for a RCRA hazardous waster management unit at a refinery.

Midland, Texas - Provided guidance to major E& P companies in hazardous waste management and in conducting chloride investigations at oil and gas E& P sites.

State of California - Developed methodology in assessing crude oil-affected soils and determining clean up levels for weathered crude oil-affected soils at oil and gas E& P sites.

San Gabriel Valley Superfund Site, California - Managed a CERCLA/RWQCB chlorinated solvent investigation which included soil gas surveys, installation of nested soil gas monitoring wells, and the installation of a deep ground water monitoring well through cobbles and boulders using the Stratex drilling methodology.

Oahu, Hawaii - Prepared a RCRA hydrogeologic characterization work plan and provided technical peer review of a RCRA hydrogeologic characterization for hazardous waste management units at a refinery.

Newport Beach, California - Developed and managed an assessment of an oil gas field's production sumps to assess whether the soil/sludge in the sumps was a hazardous waste in accordance with criteria in Title 22, California Code of Regulations and federal hazardous waste criteria.

Westlakes, California - Designed and managed a capture zone assessment of chlorinated hydrocarbons using an interceptor trench located within a fractured clay aquifer.

California - Developed and supervised Phase I due diligence assessments of various oil and gas E& P leases.

Oahu, Hawaii - Prepared RCRA sampling and analysis plans for sludge, soil and wastewater sampling within and beneath hazardous waste management units at a refinery.

Houston, Texas - Developed and managed a limited hydrogeologic assessment for a Refinery adjacent to the Houston Ship Channel. Designed a passive free product recovery system, which utilized recovery and containment trenches located downgradient of the suspected source areas.

Transit Mix Company Property Cleanups. Southern California - Managed the cleanup of underground tanks and washout areas for various company sites. By fast tracking these' services, the parent company was able to refinance corporate debt with the properties used as major collateral.

Permitting and Operation of Bioremediation Facility, Huntington Beach, California -Project involved permitting and subsequent construction and operation of a treatment facility for bioremediation of oil field wastes, including tank bottoms and drilling cuttings. The 10-acre treatment facility was located in an area designated as degraded wetlands by the Federal government. The bioremediation facility allowed the oil field owners to significantly reduce operating costs of hydrocarbon contaminated waste handling. The bioremediation process subsequently resulted in permitting the waste materials to be placed into county sanitary landfills for use as cover material.

Phase II and Remediation Management, Signal Hill, California - Project involved project assessment and remedial management of lead and hydrocarbon contaminated soil in Signal Hill, California. The project had been under study for three years by several other consulting firms. Assessment and remediation, to the satisfaction of the various regulatory agencies, was accomplished within nine months, enabling the property owner to sell the property for redevelopment as an auto mall. The assessment also identified contamination from adjoining properties, which resulted in recovery of more than half of the cleanup costs from adjacent property owners.

Phase II and Agency Negotiations for NFA, St Joe, Missouri  -  A past solvent spill resulted in the neighboring facility landscape being impacted, thus a phase II investigation was conducted on both soil and groundwater in the general vicinity of the spill.  A soil geoprobe unit was used to delineate both the vertical and horizontal extent of contamination.  The impacted soil was removed and disposed of as non-hazardous off-site, with new soil and landscape provided.  The Missouri governing agency declined involvement due to the chemical compound not being a regulated substance.

Phase I and II Investigation, Clean Up and NFR, Hoopeston, Illinois - Leaking USTs and past spilling of various solvents together with legal action with past ownership of the plant resulted in phase II and clean up services on this 100 year old manufacturing facility.  The Site was divided into two areas with the UST area qualifying for State fund reimbursement.  After a number of phased investigations and some groundwater modeling this area of the Site was issued a No Further Remediation decision.  The other portion of the Site under the Site Remediation Program competed remediation via dual phase vapor extraction for chlorinated solvents in both soil and groundwater resulting in an IEPA issued Comprehensive No Further Remediation decision for the site.

On-site chemical fixation of 40,000 cubic yards lead impacted soil, Omaha, Nebraska - Performed on site chemical fixation of lead and other metal impacted soils in lieu of off site disposal and saved client 70%. Project was conducted over 3 week time frame and resulted in site being converted to City Park.


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