Mr. Caporale has over 20 years of direct environmental professional experience. He possesses a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry and is a member of Young Presidents Organization, Southern California Chapter. His career began in early 1984 as a Project Manager for Kleinfelder, Incorporated, a west coast based engineering firm. During the three years at Kleinfelder he participated in numerous site investigations relating to both soil and groundwater contamination. His participating role on these projects initiated with client prospecting, proposal writing and budget estimating through various phases of investigation and remediation. Negotiations with various agencies included the San Diego, Los Angeles and Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Boards, South Coast Air Quality Management District, municipal, county and state Fire Departments, Department of Health Services and the Department of Public Works.

Additional experience at Kleinfelder included the turnaround of Kamtec, Kleinfelder’s remediation company. Direct involvement during the turnaround was in overseeing and project managing Southern California projects from initiation through closure. Projects primarily involved underground storage tank closures and soil remediation. Subsequent to Kamtects turnaround, Mr. Caporale expanded Kleinfelder’s geographical presence into Arizona. The expansion started with an office in Phoenix and required his direct supervision for project management on underground storage tank related problems involving soil and groundwater investigations and remediation.

Seeking to further personal career goals in December of 1987 Mr. Caporale co-founded Thorne Environmental Incorporated, a remediation contracting company. During the three year professional experience at Thorne he was directly involved with the purchasing and testing of various vapor extraction treatment units, including carbon adsorption, thermal oxidation, catalytic oxidation and combustion. In addition, he was directly involved with the purchase of a bioremediation firm as well as a firm specializing in chemical fixation and stabilization treatments. Due to an aggressive approach to solving problems through effective remedial actions at Thorne, much of his time was spent negotiating and educating local regulatory agencies about the remediation equipment and treatment processes. Mr. Caporale’s personal involvement with chemical constituents in both subsurface soils and groundwater varied from initial site investigations through remedial actions and covered a broad spectrum of chemicals including chlorinated solvents, PCB’S, petroleum hydrocarbons, metals and semi-volatile organic compounds.

In 1990 a Canadian firm acquired Thorne and Mr. Caporale elected to leave to build a multidisciplinary company comprising consulting, contracting, analytical and manufacturing elements, which would compliment each other. During June of 1990 he co-founded Park Environmental Corporation (Park) and has served as Park’s President and a Principal Scientist for nine years. During his tenure at Park, Mr. Caporale personally managed approximately 150 projects of which 50 involved the assessment and/or remediation of subsurface chlorinated solvents and PCBs; 20 involved various metals and 80 involved various petroleum-based hydrocarbons. Due to his project experience and working regulatory knowledge, Mr. Caporale has set precedent with local regulatory agencies for innovative approaches to complicated environmental problems. For example, he was the first to convince the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board in 1991 to allow a generator to transport contaminated soil from the site of origin to a non-TSDF site also owned by the generator for the purpose of off-site treatment via bioremediation.

During December of 1991 Mr. Caporale founded Sierra Laboratories Incorporated, and during April of 1993, he negotiated the purchase of a laboratory in bankruptcy to produce a full service stationary laboratory to compliment Sierra’s mobile laboratory capabilities. In 1993 Mr. Caporale co-started Stealth Industries Incorporated, a manufacturing company that manufactures thermal oxidation treatment units for private industry and environmental consulting firms.

During his tenure as President of Watershed Holdings Incorporated, (holding company for Park, Sierra and Stealth) along with his day-to-day management activities he presided as an account project manager on 15 major client accounts, conducted environmental audits for manufacturing facilities and real property acquisitions on a national basis and served as a Principal reviewer on various projects.

Currently, Mr. Caporale serves as the President of Caporale Consultants, Inc. (CCI) that specializes in actively pursuing the acquisition, remediation, financing and insuring of environmentally impaired real estate throughout the United States. CCI also specializes in subsurface soil and groundwater assessments and remediation, along with providing Expert Witness and Litigation Support services. Mr. Caporale has assembled a number of proprietary and patented environmental technologies used for direct industry applications to license for distribution through CCI.

In addition, Mr. Caporale has participated on a number of legal matters with various law firms with services ranging from a confidential consultant to that of an expert witness. Mr. Caporale has participated on a multitude of cases involving potential responsible parties (PRP’s) and clean up cost allocation. The seven legal matters in which he has served as an expert witness within the past 10 years are listed as follows:

  • U.K. Northridge, Inc., a Delaware Corporation v. J.C. Penny Properties, Inc., et al. LASC Case No. NVC 17066
  • Carolyn Jones Booth, as Trustee U-D- 7’, for Margaret Forbes Jones, 7-1-64, and as Assignee for Sanwa Bank, Trustee U-D-T for George Moeller, 5-28-75 v. Van Der Horst Corporation of America. LASC Case No. C687503
  • Sears Automotive v. Citgo Petroleum, USA, a at LACDC Case No. CV 935196 LEW
  • People v. Fred Kavli. VEN 5CC Case No. 112630
  • Olen Properties Corporation v. Sheldahl Inc., et al. USDC Case No. 916446 WDK OCSC Case No. 690384
  • Olen Properties Corporation v. Prudential SA Case No. 92-16384
  • Cedar-Sinai Medical Center v. Atlantic Richfield Co. et al LASC Case No. BCI 16052

In summary, throughout his environmental career Mr. Caporale has directed over 400 environmental projects, authored over 800 proposals/reports and negotiated over 50 site closures (four in 2003)
for properties impacted by a wide array of industrial chemicals. Although, the majority of his experience is in Southern California, he has direct project management experience in twenty-eight other states.


Graduate Studies, University of California, Sacramento 1980
Earned Bachelors Degree in Chemistry from University of Northern Colorado, 1976


Caporale Consultants, Inc. Founder & President 2000 —Present
The Park Corporation/Watershed Holdings. Co-founder & President. 1990-2000
Thorne Environmental Corporation. Co-founder & Executive Vice-President. 1987-1990
Kleinfelder. Associate. 1984-1987

ANTHONY SILVA, Registered Geologist, Brownfield Advisor

Mr. Silva is a nationally recognized expert in brownfield property redevelopment with over 16 years of extensive environmental industry experience including the investigation, remediation and redevelopment of former California oil field and steel mill properties.

He served as a strategy-level executive officer at Kaiser Ventures Inc.; California, managing over $200 million of engineering, environmental and land redevelopment projects. More than $50 million of corporate environmental liabilities were reduced to less than $1 million through the development and implementation of land purchase and sale indemnity agreements, environmental insurance programs, liability and risk transfers, environmental contingency plans, audit programs, and through the successful completion of over 100 environmental and brownfield redevelopment projects. These projects included the environmental assessment of 10,000 acres of the former Eagle Mountain Iron Ore Mine and the restoration and redevelopment of 1,200 acres of the award winning and nationally recognized brownfield property - the Kaiser Steel Mill Site in Fontana, California. This former steel mill site was redeveloped into a world-class motor speedway – The California Speedway, the West Valley Material Recovery Facility (MRF), a profitable refuse and waste material transfer and recycling facility, and into numerous additional industrial and commercial facilities.

Mr. Silva directed the expedited remediation and redevelopment of the Kaiser Steel Mill Site using the Department of Toxic Substances Control’s (DTSC’s) remedial process, while providing Kaiser over $20 million in remediation cost savings through the use of on-site engineered controls – “caps”, land use covenants (deed restrictions), health risk-based cleanup levels and the permitting and construction of one of California’s only Corrective Action Management Units (CAMU). He has conducted numerous brownfield conferences and seminars and emphasized the integration of remediation into final land use and project design. Mr. Silva has served as chairperson of the California Department of Toxic Substances Control’s Site Mitigation Update Advisory Group (Remedy Selection/Standards Planning Subgroup), which provided the State of California's Legislature with significant recommendations, including the use of deed restrictions as an approved remedy, for improving Chapter 6.8 of the California Health and Safety Code.

Mr. Silva is an experienced and decisive land redevelopment manager who has unique and proven problem solving and project execution skills, regulatory negotiation skills and profit and loss management capabilities. Being a California Registered Geologist, he has extensive experience with soil and groundwater assessments and remediation with the following contaminants: metals, SVOCs, PAHs, chlorinated hydrocarbons, PCBs, VOCs and petroleum hydrocarbons.

University of Texas, San Antonio, B.S., Geology 1986
University of California, Irvine Hazardous Material Management and Management Practice for Engineering and Technical Professional Programs


  • President and a Member of the Board of Directors of the non-profit Environmental Professionals Organization (EPO)
  • Association of Groundwater Scientists and Engineers
  • American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
  • AAPG Division of Environmental Geosciences (DEG)
  • Urban Land Institute
  • Presidents Circle – Children’s Fund
  • Recipient of the 1996 California Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award for transforming the Kaiser Steel Mill into a world-class motor speedway – The California Speedway.
  • Recognized in the National Governors’ Association Center for Best Practices publication – Economic Growth and Environmental Protection through Revitalizing America’s Brownfield’s: Eight Success Stories.


Caporale Consultants, Inc., Brownfield Advisor 2002-Present
Kaiser Ventures Inc., Vice President, Resource Development and Environmental Services 1996 to 2002
Park Environmental Corporation, Principal Hydrogeologist/Managing Principal 1993 to 1996
Delta Environmental Consultants, Inc., Senior Hydrogeologist/Exploration & Production Industry Segment Leader/ Oil & Gas National Account Manager 1992 to 1993
Levine-Fricke, Senior Project Hydrogeologist/Geosciences Group Manager 1989 to 1992
Hydro-Fluent, Manager of Geotechnical and Environmental Services1988 to 1989
Gulf & Western Oil Corporation, Exploration Geologist and Production Manager 1986 to 1988
SSM Oil and Gas, Exploration Geologist and Production Manager 1986

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