Brownfield Team


Redeveloping environmentally distressed properties is a complex, multi-disciplinary process that requires a combination of environmental, real estate and financial expertise.  To meet this challenge, CCI has assembled a team uniquely qualified to identify, assess and acquire or market environmentally distressed properties.

CCI's Team blends in-house environmental consulting and contracting expertise with a joint venture made up of real estate developers, A-rated insurance carriers, environmental attorneys and lenders who specialize in providing financing on contaminated properties.  Together, this Team has the ability to recapture value from environmentally distressed properties and literally turn liabilities into assets.

Since the inception of the environmental movement, regulatory pressures drove the clean up of contaminated sites.  The clean up goals were to restore the property's subsurface impairment to pre-release conditions.  Today, economic factors combined with more realistic clean up expectations are the drivers for site remediation, and risk-based remediation is becoming more common.  This approach focuses on utilizing best available technology along with assessing the potential risk of subsurface contamination on human health and the environment, while considering future land use.  This approach has the potential to marginally lower clean up standards, which may ultimately allow a property sale, redevelopment or financing.

CCI's Team members work with interested parties to identify goals, financial objectives, and risk management strategies.  Depending upon the future use of the land and exit strategy of the existing owner or potential buyer, we will evaluate the extent of contamination and potential remedial options.  Subsequently, clean-up standards are negotiated with state and local agencies and entered into binding agreements, if necessary.  Effective management of financial and environmental risks is what allows a transaction to be completed.  Risk management factors include the selection of remedy, regulatory options, the legal structure of ownership, and investment participation.  Transactions may involve the use of bonds, indemnities, guarantees, environmental insurance, escrows, special financing and other methods to control and limit financial, technical and regulatory risks.

CCI's team of professionals provides hundreds of years of experience remediating, selling and developing distressed properties. The core Team is well known to most regulatory officials, which allows for easy data access, and candid discussions on the ability to clean up and develop a particular site in a timely manner. Additionally, the CCI team has many years of experience within major industrial corporations, allowing access to information on many distressed properties not known to other consultants.

Since our professionals have many years of corporate experience with property cleanups and sales, we have been able to locate and develop professional affiliations with some of the best independent specialists for property remediation and development. This knowledge and direct working experience allows CCI to assemble the best independent teams for each specific case.

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